Welcome to the Beale Blackbirds R/C Club Web Site.


The Department of Defense and the Beale base commander have approved the Blackbirds to fly again at our club site. The exemption is for 6 months, starting Nov. 6, 2019. Members must contact base Defense Operations Center at 634-2131 prior to flying. Quadcopters or drones not allowed. Aircraft may not carry cameras or other sensors.

Club meeting was held November 3, 2019. We discussed the DOD flying exemption, and all the increased requirements to fly on Beale. Also the impact on new members and guests. This exemption has to be renewed every 6 months. Long process and no guarantee it will be approved each time.

We also discussed all the new requirements from Civil Engineering to lease the flying field last. In summary, we will have to pay A LOT MORE MONEY in the future to fly at Beale. A vote was taken at the club meeting, and all voted to NOT RENEW our lease next year. Planned shutdown of the Beale Blackbirds RC Club will be April 1, 2020.

This web site will shut down January 1, 2020 when the present contact expires.