The Beale Blackbirds Radio Control Club was formed in the mid 1980s. It was named after the SR-71 Blackbird spy plane that was in active duty at Beale Air Force Base at the time. The SR-71 has since been retired, but Beale is still home to other spy aircraft such as the U-2, Global Hawk and MC-12 (now retired) pictured on this page.


Our club is dedicated to the promotion, sharing, and enjoying the sport of radio controlled aircraft flying in the Beale Air Force Base area of Northern California. We have around 35 members (both military and civilian) flying a wide variety of aircraft from electric foam planes to gasoline giant scale planes. We welcome everyone from beginner to expert flyers.


Club meetings will be held 5 times a year - during each of our four scheduled fun flys, and during the annual swap meet.