CLUB # 4790







Section 1    Name.  The name of this club shall be "Beale Blackbirds R/C Club," hereafter in this document may

                     be referred to as: "The Club" or "BBRCC." This is a private organization. It is not part of the Department

                     of Defense or any of its components, and has no government status. The name "Beale" was approved

                     to be used in our title by the 9RW/CC in a memo dated 16 May 2016.


Section 2    The name can only be changed with the approval of 2/3 vote of the entire membership and must be

                      immediately updated with the 9 Force Support Squadron and Community Activity Center on Beale

                      AFB for accountability purposes.

Section 3       The Secretary of the Air Force has granted the Beale Blackbirds RC Club permission to operate as a

                       private club on Beale AFB under license agreement # USAF-ACC-BAEY-15-2-0230 dated 7 June





Section 1    As a non-profit organization, the purpose of this Club is to:


                     a)   Provide recreational and social activities for the enjoyment of Beale AFB  personnel.


                     b)   Provide and maintain facilities for all members to engage in R/C flying activities.


                     c)   Promote and encourage interest in R/C modeling and flying at Beale AFB.

                     d)   Encourage the education and technical development of our youth through building and flying.


                     e)   Provide assistance, guidance, and training to all members to develop building and flying skills.




Section 1      Full club membership shall be open to all Beale AFB personnel, permanent party civilian

                     contractors, and military retirees with an active interest in model  aviation.


Section 2      Affiliate club membership shall be open to all persons with an active interest in model aviation and

                     only limited by the person's ability to be granted  access to Beale AFB by Security Forces.  Affiliate

                     member access to Beale AFB is contingent upon status of base security measures as determined

                     by the 9th Reconnaissance Wing Commander.


Section 3     For the purposes of the Constitution and By-Laws, the words "all" and "entire" before the word

                     "membership" refers to both Full and Affiliate members of the Club.  Unless specifically designated,

                     all other instances of the term "membership" refer to Full members only.


Section 3     All membership may be denied or revoked for noncompliance with the Club's Constitution or By-Laws.


Section 4    All members shall also be a member of the Academy of Model Aeronautics.


Section 5      All members shall read, understand, and agree to abide by the Constitution,  By-Laws, and Field

                     Rules as acknowledged by the member's signature to be kept on file with said member's club





Section 1    The Club officers shall be:


                      a)   President

                      b)   Vice President

                      c)   Secretary

                      d)   Treasurer

                      e)   Safety


Section 2    The  offices of President and Vice President will be held by active duty or retired military for better

                   interface between Air Force offices.  Other members may hold the offices of Secretary, Treasurer,

                   and Safety Officer. 

Section 3    A single individual may hold more than one club officer position.




Section 1    The Club shall hold a minimum of four meetings of the membership per year.


Section 2    Meetings may be set to vote on policy, elect officers and conduct normal business.


Section 3    The day for recurring meetings will be voted upon and adopted by a simple majority. 




Section 1    There will be annual membership dues as determined by the By-Laws.


Section 2      Single member or a family membership will be paid before flying at the Beale AFB Flying Field or

                     from any of the bodies of water on base.

Section 3      The club secretary will give a detailed report at each club meeting of past expense and income.

Section 4      Any residual assets remaining (after club expenses) at the end of each calendar year will be placed

                     in the club savings account for future expenses.



Section 1      All club members must be current members of AMA (Academy of Model Aeronatics). AMA members are

                     protected by insurance coverage with liability limits of 2.5 million while engaged in modeling and related

                     club activities on Beale AFB.

Section 2      All members must understand their personal financial liability while flying or modeling on Beale AFB.

Section 3      In the event the club shuts down or dissolves, all funds will be used to satisty any outstanding debt,

                     liabilities, or obligations. Disposal of any residential balance will be decided by club membership.

                     Any residual assets will become property of the Air Force



Section 1     In the event a special assessment is necessary, a vote will be taken from the entire membership

                      using the following procedures:  The proposed  assessment shall be published in the Club

                      Newsletter located online at the  Club Website.  All members not subscribing to an internet service

                      will receive the ballot by mail and will return the ballot for consideration at the next meeting.  Passage

                      shall be determined by a 2/3 majority of the ballots returned at said meeting.  It shall be the member's

                      responsibility to vote using the ballot on the website or return the hardcopy if web access is not





Section 1    For an amendment to be considered it must be brought to the attention of the club officers.  With the

                     knowledge of the President and Vice President the  matter may be brought up for a vote.


Section 2    Any amendment of the Constitution shall require 2/3 vote of the membership.  Voting may be

                     accomplished at a regular meeting, a special  meeting, over the telephone or by e-mail.  Affiliate

                    members are ineligible to vote on amendments.






Section 1    The Club shall be an AMA Chartered Club

Section 2    All BBRCC members shall be members of the AMA.



Section 1    Right and Entitlements:


                    a)    Full members in good standing are entitled to:

                            1)   Participate, enter into discussion, and vote on any and all matters

                            brought before the membership at properly convened Club business


                            2)   Use all Club facilities subject to Club rules regarding use of such


                            3)   Help, guidance, and instruction in learning to fly until they are

                            competent to meet the requirements of solo flight.

                            4)   Full participation in all Club social activities and events.

                     b)   Affiliate members in good standing are entitled to:

                            1)   Participate, enter into discussion, and vote on all matters brought

                            before the membership at properly convened Club business meetings.

                            2)   Use all Club facilities subject to Club rules regarding use of such


                            3)   Help, guidance, and instruction in learning to fly until they are

                            competent to meet the requirements of solo flight.

                            4)   Full participation in all Club social activities and events except as

                            noted in Article 3, section 2 of the Constitution.

                     c)   All members not in good standing forfeit their rights as stated above until

                            they have up-graded their status to "member in good standing".


Section 2    A member in good standing is a member who is in compliance with all

                     articles of the Club Constitution and not more than 90 days delinquent in any

                     dues, fees, or assessments.  A member not in good standing is a member

                     who is more than 90 but less than 180 days delinquent in any dues, fees,

                     assessments, or is not in compliance with the Club Constitution.  Members

                    delinquent in excess of 180 days shall be dropped from the Club



Section 3    Members so dropped will not be allowed to re-apply for membership until

                     past delinquent amounts have been satisfied.  They may then re-apply for

                     membership subject to the same conditions of any new member making

                    application.  Initiation fees (if applicable) apply if the member has been

                    dropped for more than a year or it cannot be determined when the person

                    was dropped.


Section 4    A prospective new member shall apply for membership through any club

                     member.  The member will direct the prospective member to the Treasurer at

                     a regular Club meeting or by e-mail correspondence. A club officer shall

                    ensure that the prospective member receives and is familiar with the

                    Constitution, By-Laws, and Field Rules of the Club before granting

                    membership.  New members shall meet with a club officer at the flying field

                    on the new member's first visit for clarification of the club flying rules and





Section 1    President


                     a)   The President shall preside at all meetings of the Club and act as

                     spokesman for the Club in all matters.

                     b)   The President has the power to appoint committees as deemed



Section 2    Vice President


                     a)   The Vice President shall act for the President when he is unable to serve.

                     b)   Assist the President in any way directed by the President.

                     c)   The Vice President shall be responsible for coordinating all Club



Section 3    Secretary


                      a)   The Secretary shall be required to take accurate minutes of all Club

                     meetings.  Such minutes shall be posted on the Club website, or e-mailed to members

                     for official record.

                     b)   The Secretary shall handle all Club correspondence. 

                     c)   The Secretary shall take attendance at all Club meetings and record

                     attendance with the minutes.

                     d)  The Secretary will maintain the club web site.


Section 4    Treasurer


                     a)   The Treasurer shall collect all monies due and shall keep a record of

                     monies received and monies disbursed by the Club.     

                     b)   The Treasurer shall also be responsible to see that all members of this

                    Club be listed with the AMA on the third party insurance and that the proper

                    amount be submitted to AMA for said purpose of insurance.

                    c)   The Treasurer shall prove a monthly financial statement showing

                    monetary assets, accounts payable, and accounts receivable.

                    d)   The Treasurer shall maintain a list of members in good standing.


Section 5    Safety Officer


                    a)   The Safety Officer shall promote and increase the safety awareness of all


                    b)   The Safety Officer shall provide a means by which important safety

                    information can be shared between all members of the Club.

                    c)   The Safety Officer shall act as a liaison between the club and AMA

                    Headquarters to ensure timely dissemination of safety related material.

                    d)   The Safety Officer must have e-mail access.




Section 1    The term of all officers shall be for one year from January 1 through

                     December 31.


Section 2    The elections shall be held annually at the November meeting.  Nominations

                     shall be opened at the September and October meetings.


Section 3    Voting will be by secret ballots.


                     a)   Ballots will be available in November for download from the club web site

                     or by mail (if no internet is available) to members in good standing only.

                     b)   Ballots may be mailed or cast in person at the November meeting.

                     c)   The ballots will be tallied by the President, Vice President, Secretary, and


                     d)   The number of valid ballots received must equal at least a quorum of the

                     entire membership for the election to be valid.  If a quorum is not received,

                     the ballots will be held until sufficient ballots are received to constitute a


                     e)   Candidates for each office receiving the greatest number of votes shall

                    assume that office effective January 1.


Section 4    A vacancy in any office shall be filled by the appointment of the President,

                    such appointee to serve until the end of the term for which his predecessor

                    was elected.




Section 1      Club meetings will be held a minimum of 4 times, with the time and place to be

                      published on the Club website.


Section 2    Purpose of Meetings:

                     a)   The Club meetings are planned to be an evening of fun and education for

                     newcomers as well as old timers.

                     b)   Convening a business meeting requires a quorum of members present. 

                     A quorum is defined as 1/3 of the members in good standing. Before starting

                     a meeting, it must first be determined in open forum that a quorum is present.


Section 3    Procedure for conducting Club meetings shall be the jurisdiction of the





Section 1    Dues and initiation fees for the following year, shall be established at the

                     October meeting by a 2/3 vote of all members present after a quorum has

                     been established.


Section 2    Annual dues are payable in advance and are due on January 1st.


Section 3    Assessments shall be levied only according to Article 7 of the Club



Section 4    New member's dues shall NOT be prorated on a monthly basis.

Section 5    There shall be no refund of dues.




Section 1    The Officers are authorized to spend Club funds on general operating

                     expenses of the Club.


Section 2    Any capital improvement or expense in excess of $100 shall require approval

                     by 2/3 of all members present at an official club meeting

Section 3     The club treasurer will give a detailed report of income and expenses at

                     each club meeting

Section 4      Any residual assets remaining at the end of calendar year will be placed

                     in the club savings account. A detailed financial report will be given to all

                     members at year end.


Section 1  All members must have a current membership in AMA (Academy of Model

                 Aeronautics). AMA members are protected by insurance coverage with

                 liability limits of $2.5 million while engaged in modeling or related club

                 activities on Beale AFB.



This Article is for the purpose of revoking the membership of all members who have proven to be undesirable to the Club for the following reasons:


Section 1    Failure to comply with applicable AMA regulations regarding sanctioned

                     clubs.  (Automatic revoke)


Section 2    Members delinquent on dues, initiation fees, or assessments for more than

                    180 days and not on a military deployment.  (Automatic revoke)


Section 3    Noncompliance of the Club's Constitution, By-Laws, and Field Rules.


Section 4    Procedure for revoking any membership as follows (unless automatic):

                     a)   A petition containing 20% minimum of the membership signatures and

                    explaining reasons shall be submitted to the President.  Any member in good

                    standing may initiate a petition.

                     b)   If the petition is submitted for a safety violation the accused's flying

                    privileges can be immediately suspended as the President deems


                     c)   At the next meeting, following adequate notification of the membership

                     and accused, the President shall present the petition to the membership.

                     d)   The membership and accused will be notified via special card or

                     telephone by the Secretary or the Secretary's designee at least 15 days

                     before the presentation of the petition.

                     e)   In open discussion the petition will be read and discussed.  At this time,

                     the accused member must be afforded adequate time for speaking in his

                     own defense.

                     f)   A secret vote will be taken and 2/3 majority, of the membership present, is

                     necessary to revoke any membership.


Section 5     All members that are revoked will be required to turn in their Beale AFB Club

                      Pass and will be removed from the gate entry lists.  Military or contractors

                      who have base access will be asked not to fly on base and will be escorted

                      off the field if found operating a model there.


Section 6    All members whose memberships have been revoked will be eligible to

                     reapply for membership as a new member one calendar year from the date

                     of revocation.




Section 1    It is the responsibility of all members to comply with the current AMA Safety

                     Code and Club Field Rules.


Section 2    It is the sole responsibility of each member to insure the safe operation of

                     his models and equipment in addition to those of his guests.




Section 1    Proposed amendments to Club By-Laws shall be published on the Club web

                     site.  At the meeting following publication, the amendment must be approved

                      by 2/3 of membership present.


Section 2    There is no voting by proxy.