BEALE AFB, CALIFORNIA 


                                          CLUB # 4790   





Section A:  Flying Rules  


Courtesy and mutual respect with regard to model handling and flying are the underlying foundation for all our rules.  These are ten tips to guide you in the right direction, "common sense" and good judgment will take you the rest of the way:


1.  Everyone must understand and obey current AMA rules and regulations.


2.  It is MANDATORY to use the frequency board for 72 Mhz band radios. 

     Checking with other members at the flying field to see what channel they are on

     is not required, but highly recommended.


3.   Do not fly closer to the pits than the runway centerline or the edge of the designated grass area.


4.   Do not start any engine in the pit area, use designated starting stands or start on the ground on the runway side of the red line painted on the pavement.


5.   Verbal communication between pilots (and/or spotters) flying at the same time will include:  "coming out", "landing", "dead-stick" and "runway clear", at a minimum.


6.   Pilots will stand in the designated flight station for their operating area to facilitate clear and timely communication between pilots (and spotters, if applicable).


7.   Do not fly over and avoid flying near the RV campground to the North or the communications tower to the West of the flying field.


8.   All flying shall be done in a manner showcasing the professionalism and regard for the privilege extended to us as modelers to fly R/C aircraft on a military installation, namely Beale AFB.


9.   Full scale aircraft have the right of way!  Be aware of the position and altitude of full-scale aircraft as they transit over the R/C flying site.  A spotter is recommended all the time, but particularly while there is traffic over the field.


10. A pilot may not consume alcohol or controlled substances 12 hours before or while operating a model aircraft at the field.


Section B:  General Club Rules


1.   Guests of a member in good standing will be allowed to fly at Beale AFB R/C flying field for a total of three times in one year.  The member inviting the guest must be present and is responsible for the behavior of the guest while on base.


2.  To fly one must be a member of Beale Blackbirds R/C Club, a guest of a member in good standing, or a participant in a club event.


3.  Three flight lines can be run simultaneously as follows:


      a.  The primary flight line is defined by the painted runway markings on the South side of the pit area.

      b.  The secondary flight line is defined by the centerline of the crosswind  runway.  Good communication and care must be used when aircraft are operating from both runways.

      c.  Helicopter hovering, set-up/tuning and small foam plane flying is to take place over the grass on the West side of the pit area.

      d.  Helicopters can be operated on any of the three flight lines as long as they fit into the flow of traffic. 

      e.  Hovering for extended periods (rotary or fixed wing) other than for takeoff and landing are prohibited on the primary and secondary runways while they are being used simultaneously by other pilots.

      f.    All maneuvers shall be performed no closer to the pit area than the runway centerline on each respective runway.  Over the grass helicopter and foam plane area use good sense and keep aircraft at a safe distance.


4.   New members must prove flying proficiency before being allowed to fly without an instructor.  Proficient pilots will be defined as pilots who can safely take off, do simple turns and land while remaining in control of their aircraft.


5.  Frequency conflicts will be resolved as follows:


      a.  If a person has a frequency pin from the board at the Beale flying field, they are allowed to operate on the frequency represented by that pin.

   b.  The person holding the pin is the only person that should be transmitting on that frequency, so any offender shall be held accountable for any damages resulting in negligence.

   c.  Resolve all conflicts at the lowest level possible, but involve club officers when necessary.


6.  Violations of the rules and regulations listed, to include the current AMA

     rules shall be dealt with:


      a.  Persons not following the guidance listed herein should be reminded by fellow members of the rules and asked to comply. 

      b.  If a person is purposefully deviating from the rules a verbal warning

           will be given.

      c.  Subsequent infractions of established rules or sustained lack of regard for safety shall be dealt with by the Club President as deemed necessary to include membership revocation, if warranted.


Section C:  Membership Fees


1.  No initiation fee is levied upon new members.


2.  Dues will be paid before flying in the new calendar year and are set at $30 per person or $35

     per family.  Family memberships include immediate family living in the same household.


3.  There will be honorary memberships for the Beale AFB commander, vice-commander, other club presidents in the local area and the District X Vice-President.


4.   Members who serve a year term as President, Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer or Safety Officer will receive the next year's dues paid for by the club.


5.  The Treasurer will report the status of the club's income and expenditures at each monthly meeting, which will be made available on the club website as part of the meeting minutes.